I began woodworking 5 or 6 years ago. I learned skills from my dad, my husband and various woodworking blogs that I discovered along the way. Here are my favorites:

Ana White

You can find free woodworking plans for everything under the sun on Ana White’s website. Projects range from beginner to advanced. My husband and I built our first project from her website almost 6 years ago! Since then I’ve used her plans for several other projects. 

That bookshelf is the first project my husband and I built using free plans from Ana White's website. I later built the sofa by modifying day bed plans found on her website.

Shanty 2 Chic

Shanty 2 Chic is another great site to find tons of free woodworking plans for a range of skill sets. The majority of the plans tell you how much you can expect to spend, which is great when you’re trying to build on the cheap. You can also find tutorials for tool use and lots of great information for beginners. I built my dining room table from their plans.

Look at those legs! I built this table using free plans from the Shanty 2 Chic website.

Want some tips for building your own dining room table? Read what I learned here.

Reality Daydream

I have been following Reality Daydream for years! Bethany shares a variety of woodworking projects, sewing tutorials and craft ideas. Right now they are renovating their house and sharing the whole process on the blog. She is incredibly creative and so relatable. Here’s a pretty amazing video she posted a few years ago of using wood stain to paint. 

Jaime Costiglio

I have been following Jaime Costiglio for a long time, as well. She has a huge range of free projects and tutorials on her site. I especially love her section of projects that use scrap wood – I hate feeling like I’m wasting all the little leftover pieces from big projects! These small projects are a great place to start for beginners.

I used her tutorial on how to paint letters years ago to learn how to paint words without purchasing a fancy vinyl machine.

Here's a blurry old cell phone photo from a project I made using Jaime Costiglio's paint method in the tutorial linked above.

Fix This Build That

Brad’s website, Fix This Build That, is FULL of information for woodworking and DIY, especially home repairs. He goes beyond just written tutorials to provide a multitude of video tutorials for his projects, which is great if you’re a more visual learner. He is also super active on social media. He posts frequently on Instagram, and I definitely recommend following. 

I plan on following one of his tutorials to build a pull out drawer in my kitchen for our trash bin. It’s one of my 2019 project goals.

See all of my 2019 project goals here.

Jen Woodhouse

Jen Woodhouse is another military spouse who seriously kicks some butt in the DIY department! She has a ton of building tutorials on her website along with tool reviews and recommendations. She also shares organizational tips, recipes and crafts.

Check out this AMAZING bed she built for her son! I love that as a military spouse she is used to frequently moving so she makes her projects easy to deconstruct. This way you can take it apart, pack it up and move it to your next location. So important for military families! 

These are some my favorite woodworking blogs to follow. I browse their sites often for inspiration and have completed many projects based on their instructions. 

If you’re just getting started with woodworking, my best advice is just to START! I’ve learned so much by just jumping in and trying. And following step-by-step tutorials has helped me to build my confidence and create my own building plans.

I want to hear from you!

What are some of your favorite woodworking blogs to follow? Are you just getting started with woodworking? What made you want to start?