It is a very good idea to think of activities that will give children some break from technology and social media in this digitalized society we are living now. Although there are a variety of activities that you can incorporate to your children, I personally think that woodworking project is on a different level.

While woodworking brings out their creativity, it is also a very meaningful bonding with their parents to efficiently make up for the times they weren’t able to spend some quality moments.

You won’t believe what you can make out of a simple wood and some basic materials that you can easily find at home. That’s why we have compiled this 7 wood projects for kids to give you an idea:

1. Crayon Holder

Coloring is surely one of the most favorite activities of kids. It makes them more focus and it also improves their color cognizance. They want to use all sort of colors so they tend to unpack the crayons from its container and put it in front of them for their own convenience so that they can find the color they want more easily. This crayon holder will not just assist them to find the colors they want in an instant but it also organizes the crayons in one place for future use.

2. Play/Camping Tent

As a kid, playing in a camping tent is very enjoyable. What we normally use is just a piece of blanket, but, what if we take it on a different level to make something that is more firmly structured and can be used for a long time? Besides, nothing is more comfortable and fulfilling than being in a tent you build yourself. This activity will require adult supervision for cutting the woods and putting them together.

3. Popsicle Stick Rack

This project will be very useful not just for kids but also for adults like us. There are things in the house that are all over the place and sometimes it’s hard to find a storage box where you can store them. However, with popsicle sticks, you and your kids can make a rack in different sizes that will surely fit and organize some stuff in the house.

4. The Bird House

Angry bird was a popular game for kids a few years ago. So, this wooden birdhouse will not just bring back many memories from that game, but will also make a nice and comfortable home for your birds and you don’t have to worry because this Angry birdhouse won’t get irate at all.

5. Wooden Robot Buddy

A robot is one of the most in-demand toys for the kids. But sometimes, these robot toys can be very expensive and some parents can’t afford to buy it. No worries because with a piece of wood you can make carvings and turn it into a cute robot that you can give to your kids as a present or you can also assist them in making their own wooden robot.

6. Bottle Vase

Kids, especially girls, love flowers. This wooden project can be very useful to store these flowers in a beautiful and personalized vase. Moreover, dads and children can also team up to make this wooden bottle vase that they can give to their mothers and wives as a gift for the Mother’s Day. Hanging lights can also be added for a more special touch.

7. Picture Frame

Picture frames hold one of the most memorable memories captured by a camera. It’s just fair to put these treasured memories in a decorative frame.  Many kids love taking pictures and post it in social media, but what if instead of posting it in social media, why don’t print them out, put them in a frame and hang it on the wall? That makes it more creative and sentimental, right?


Simple boxes, board game, wooden signage, catapult, and wooden sculptures are other woodworking projects that you can also incorporate to your kids. While you make them do these projects, you make them appreciate simple things in life. Just make sure to supervise them to prevent unwanted circumstances.

The best thing about this activity is that it extends to different generations – doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult. It is an activity that touches many aspects of a child’s life, but most importantly, it’s a fun and valuable activity for the whole family.

Hopefully, you’ve appreciated these 7 woodworking projects for kids (and adults)! What are you waiting for? Gather with the kids and create one now!