Are you inspired by the last woodworking project you have seen on the internet? If you do, then how about do it yourself? Well, you don’t have to worry if you are still clueless about where to start on your first ever project because we can help you out with the most basic thing you must consider to begin. And that is to pick the best types of wood that will reflect the beauty and quality of your first woodwork. So, shall we begin?

You will about to learn 5 of the best types of wood for woodworking and each has its own unique qualities and ideal usage. Moreover, we will allow you to explore the best types that can help you out with your first ever woodwork. See the importance of each that can complement the others as well to see if you can combine them together in your project.


Cedar is a type of softwood that is ideal for beginners. It is easy to use and very notable for its red and warm tones that is pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, it has a nice aromatic note too that is particularly relaxing especially that it provides a mixture of lavender, sage, cumin, and rosemary smell.

In addition to that, Cedar is exceptionally resilient to elements. As a result, it becomes an ideal option for furniture used outdoors. It is also perfect to use for wardrobes and chests because its smell naturally repels moths.

On the other hand, the widely known type of cedar is the western red variety which has the reddish color and relatively soft. It has a moderate price that you can purchase at most home centers.


This type of wood has two varieties namely soft and hard varieties. But since you are still a beginner in woodworking, we recommend you to use the softer variety.

Maple is characterized as a stable type of wood that makes it the best option if you are planning to do a piece of furniture. Most of all, they tend to be a little less costly than other types. If you want to utilize Maple for your project, you might better buy it at lumberyards than home centers. This is so you can select the chunks that have the best quality.


For furniture, Oak is the type of wood that is commonly used because of its strong and relatively hard characteristic. More so, it has two varieties which are white and red.

White oak is ideal for making furniture due to its attractive figure compared to the red oak. Like so, it is moisture resistant that also makes it great for outdoor furniture. The reason why most woodworker love it is because it has a nice ray flake pattern plus it is less expensive than cherry wood and others. You can easily buy a red oak at most home centers but white oak is pretty limited to lumberyards.


Mahogany or Honduran Mahogany is another type of wood that is typically used for furniture. In terms of aesthetics, it comprises a reddish-brown to vibrant red tint and a medium texture that perfectly blends with each other.

Additionally, it is not too soft and not too hard which makes it easy to use. Besides, it absorbs stain nicely and you can simply put an oil coat on it to make it look classic.

The only thing that will prevent you from using it is its cost. Well, it is expensive and hard to find that you can’t actually get it at home centers and random lumberyard.


Another type of wood is Birch which has two varieties which are white and yellow. The white birch comprises a white color that looks like maple wood while the yellow birch appears to be yellowish white with a little accent of reddish-brown. The similarity of these two relies on their hardness that is relatively hard. As a matter of fact, you can rate it as 4 on the scale of 1-5.

Considering that Birch is less expensive compared to other wood types, it is widely available at home centers and lumberyards. It is easy to use but it is hard to stain due to its blotchy effect when you put a stain on it. As an alternative, you can paint it instead.


For this type of wood, there is a wide variety that you can choose from. It includes White, Yellow, Ponderosa, and Sugar that are all useful for making furniture. And because of its relatively soft characteristic, pine is also great for wood carving. It generally absorbs stain so well but always be sure to seal the wood before you begin staining.

Also, take note that Ponderosa oozes sap so you have to be careful if you plan to use it on your woodworking project.

Since different woods have different characteristics. You have to choose the right type of wood for your first ever wood masterpiece. Make sure that you keep their qualities in your mind so you can select the most ideal type for your project.