I love creating things from wood and these are some of my woodworking tips and technique’s that I have picked up along my creative journey.

Woodworking tips and technique's

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Woodworking Tips And Technique’s

1. Prevents plywood from splintering: By placing masking tape on the line you are cutting.

2. Hole to big: No problem just mix a little bit of glue with saw dust, fill in the hole, let dry. Re-drill the hole.

3. Prevent glue from oozing: Apply masking tape along side of area to be glued prevents glue from getting in unwanted places.

4. Need time when gluing: Try white glue instead of yellow. It dries slower.

Here are some of my woodworking tips that I’ve picked up during my creative journey. #WoodworkingTips

5. Stripped out holes: Place one or two toothpicks in the hole, then screw in the screw, break off toothpicks.

6. Spread Glue on edges: Try a toothbrush. Works great, easy clean up.

7. Secure wood to work surface: Use clamps so wood won’t slip while cutting.

8. When cutting: Saw blade teeth always face away from you.

9. Pilot holes: When cutting out circles, squares, etc. First drill hole at inside edge, large enough for saw blade.

10. Rusty blades: Coating blades with WD40 helps them last longer and keep them from rusting.

11. Matching putty: Mix saw dust from the same wood you are using with a clear epoxy.

12. Cut wood easier: Applying paste wax to saw blade teeth.

13. Screws: Will go in easier by rubbing a little paraffin wax on first.

How to use a toothpick to fix a stripped out holes. #WoodworkingTips

14. Avoid lost caps: Store your wood glue in a mustard bottle. It has airtight twist cap, and its free.

15. Putty trick: Place a strip of masking tape on area to be nailed. Set heads, place putty over nail heads, remove tape.

16. Gel Stains: Are thicker so less running, color pigment stays suspended instead of settling on bottom so less stirring. Comes in water or oil base.

Hope you have found some of these woodworking tips helpful. Do you have any woodworking tips and technique? If so please share below in comments.

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