Remember this awesome cabin in the Swedish archipelago? Well, it is now up for sale via real estate company Wrede, and more pictures of this beautiful place by Max Hölst are available.

Take a peak at more rooms and details on the inside, as well as the detached sauna with outdoor tub with views of the rugged landscape.

Seriously, if you don’t dream of having a cabin after checking this one out, I don’t know what will!

Enjoy the tour below!


Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-02Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-04 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-03Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-05Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-07 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-08 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-09 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-10 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-11 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-12 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-13 Wooden-cottage-MaxHolst-Architect-14



To see more pics, click here.

Photos: Wrede