This wooden contemporary home was designed by CHESMORE|BUCK Architecture located on Whidbey Island in Washington, USA. The house is a true celebration of the open plan concept and the seamless experience of interior and exterior achieved by the versatility of wood.

The property is heavily wooded with access from Smugglers Cove Road on the east and continues west to a steep bluff leading to the water’s edge of the Puget Sound. From the bluff, view of the busy boat traffic leads to stunning views of the Olympic Mountains. The main structure consisted of double architectural grade glu-lam beams at 12ft on center flaring up from an 88ft long steel beam running down the center of the plan. This “butterfly” roof structure is very dramatic in the use of the exposed wood beams. Wood was used as the dominant material because of its character and coherence with the surrounding environment. All spaces face the windows and have views of the water traffic and Olympic Mountains. With the open plan and the expanse of windows there is almost no border between inside and out.

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