In some occasion like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just a special day, we probably want to surprise someone by giving a special gift. It is common to come up in the idea of buying clothes, shoes, keychains, mugs or other staff to be a present to someone, so why not try something new and something cool in everyone’s eye. Sometimes people want something unique to buy for someone they love.

Wood burning

Wood burning is applied by pyrography which is an art that is done in the wood or other materials that can resist heat because burning or heating is the way of decorating it. It is not easy to do but everything can be done in a step by step process.

Wood burning ideas

To be unique and at the same time useful, memorable and durable, why not try to sell wood burning projects that are matched on every occasion. Chairs, signs and sayings, home decorations, boxes, wall clocks, tables, vases, bracelets, cork boards, garden markers, key chains, wedding plaque, serving spoons, cutting boards, and Christmas decorations are some examples of wood burning product that you can sell.

12 Wood Burning Project Ideas and its Definitions.

1. Chairs

Woodcraft chair is more attractive with a design in the area where a person can seat rather than just a plain figure. Aside from using it as a chair and seating on it, we can also use it as a design at home where we can put the vase at the top of it. Parts of this is just a horizontal flat area which is the seat (where the wood burning is done) and the four legs (also with a design).

2. Signs and sayings

For example, sign or saying written in the wood is “Home Sweet Home”, “Welcome” and/or other inspirational Bible verses. These words are usually designed in a fresh-cut branch of a tree where there’s still bark on it.  It will also look more beautiful when it is covered with paint.

3. Home decorations

Instead of painting figures, it is more elegant if wood burning is displayed. Example of designs that are usually done by pyrography is animal figures, flowers or scenery. It may also put in a frame which is also a product of wood burning. It can be placed in the living room or in the master bedroom, some also put it in their office.

4. Boxes

Boxes like a pencil case, which is locked by a small magnet and it can be in different sizes. Where you can place your jewelry, makeups, keys, wristwatch, and other important things. it could also be a Treasure chest like figure not only a box type.


Wall clocks

A house is not complete without a wall clock. It is like a car without a wheel, we cannot move on in each day.

Usually, wall clocks are made in plastic so it is new if we can see a wooden clock. The numbers are designed using pyrography and the mechanism are more complicated but it is unique, it cannot be seen everywhere.

6. Tables

Wood burning tables that can be used in the dining area, but it is usually placed in the balconies or restaurants as coffee tables and in the living room. It is more attractive than a plane table that can typically see everywhere. Sometimes what is displayed in the living room can start a conversation with your visitors so it is important for a living room to be attractive.

7. Vases

Vases alone can be a decoration in the house even though you will not put a flower in it.

It can be grouped into other vases too or individually in every corner of the house. It is nice if it has a different height when grouped together.



Bracelets can be sold everywhere but it is just few who are selling wood burning bracelets. It can be a bangle bracelet, leather bracelet, a bamboo bracelet, and others. Which is curved, burnt and heated to create some lovely designs. A small thing like bracelets can be the greatest thing a person can receive especially if it is given by someone you love.

 9. Cork boards

Mugs or cups are typically placed in a small plate when served. But we cannot only use small plates, but we can also put it in a cork board, a wood burning cork that has so may design.

 10. Garden markers

Wood is the commonly used as a garden marker, what makes it unique it that the words are curved in it.



Keychains made of wood are naturally be seen in every tourist spot. It serves as the souvenir in that place and the name of the place is usually written in that key chain.

12. Wedding Plaque

It is where the name of the groom and bride are written. They commonly use the Styrofoam or tarpaulins and placed in the reception area but this wooden wedding plaque can be a gift for the anniversary of the couple.

13. Serving spoons

This is the big spoons used to mix salad or to transfer food from cooking pans to plates. But some people just hang it in the wall and serve as decoration in the kitchen, not only big spoons but also big forks.


Cutting boards


We may think twice if we will use the decorated cutting board or not. It may have beautiful designs but this is created to use in the kitchen. Usually, cutting boards are wood but others create a white hard plastic cutting board.

15. Christmas decorations

It is a flat circular shape curved with a Christmas message or a figure of a reindeer or an angle. Hangs in the Christmas tree.


Those are some ideas I can share to you on what you can sell with uniqueness in it. Your customer will love and enjoy to look around and buy wood burning products that can be a gift to someone they love. If it is sold online then they will love to scroll and look for the best for their loved ones.