Nolla, the name of this cabin, translates as “zero” from Finnish, a nod to this unique cabin’s zero-waste philosophy. But also, maybe, to its minimalist aesthetic. Nothing here that the cabin dweller doesn’t need.

“Having a smaller house it automatically forces you to bring less stuff there and also bearing in mind that whatever you carry with you, you will have to carry with you when you leave,” explained the designer, Robin Falck.

Nolla has very little impact on the surrounding countryside of Vallisaari, the small Helsinki-adjacent island on which it lies. It’s built with locally sourced pine and plywood, has no permanent foundation, and does not require heavy vehicles for transport. It pieces together like a puzzle too—no nails are necessary to assemble the cabin.

There is no bathroom. No wifi. It does include a small stove for cooking and solar-powered electricity, but save cush beds and linens, that’s about it for amenities. In fact, the A-Frame shape was chosen to mimic the feel of camping in a tent.

“I wanted to achieve the same light effects that you get when you open the zipper of your tent as you wake up in the morning. One direction, pointing towards the most beautiful view,” said Falck.

The cabin is available for rent on Airbnb, for only $34/night and, reportedly, plans will be made available on the architect’s website soon if you’d like to build your own Nolla.