Healthy Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Pulling out all those goodies stuffed inside your stocking on Christmas morning is one of the biggest hits in our family! All those layers of this and that, the kids never know what they’re going to find next. This year we’re focusing on what’s really important for their little growing bodies. Things like exercise, imagination, healthy eating, and creativity–all the things that make childhood so special.

We’ve found some awesome gift ideas and treats that we believe will inspire such habits in your little ones… and may even encourage them to always finish their vegetables!

Stocking Stuffers - Plush Dagger by Poc a Poc

Plush Dagger
available for $25 at Pocapoc

Don’t overlook the importance of exercising your imagination! Your little one will be ready to take on anything they encounter in the worlds they create with this trusty plush dagger by their side.

Pluck Carrot Wooden Toy

Playme Pluck Carrot
available for $44 at

Nothing beats fresh veggies grown in your own backyard! Introduce your child to the concept of gardening while teaching them important early learning skills with this lovely little play set from Playme Toys.

Giant DIY Crochet Carrot

Giant Crochet Carrot
available for $50 at Phildar

Teach your child to love the almighty carrot with this amazing, giant crocheted veggie. You’ve got just enough time to whip one up in time for Christmas! (via celina bailey on pinterest)

Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Mini Mushroom Skipping Rope by Seedling

Mini Mushroom Skipping Rope
available for $9.99 at Good Things for Kids

Jumping rope improves circulation and uses just about every muscle in your body. This skipping rope with mushroom handles is the perfect way to introduce your child to the healthy activity.

Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Unreal

Unreal “Unjunked” Candy
available for $1 at

Unreal Candy offers healthy alternatives to favorites like M&M’s, Milky Ways, Snickers’, and Reese’s Cups that reduce the sugar content by more than 40% by removing all of the unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives. How cool is that?

Healthy Stocking Stuffers - Brita Bottle for Kids

Brita Bottle for Kids
available for $8.99 at Brita

Now your kids can enjoy great tasting, “Brita-clean” water wherever they go. The reusable bottle filters the water as they drink!

Brought to you by the Brita Bottle for Kids: Help teach your kids to learn to love water. Learn more.