If you are a nature-lover and dreaming of your very own cottage in the middle of the forest then take a virtual tour with us. Austin-based studio Andersson Wise Architects will definitely inspire you with its 600 square feet (55 square meter) minimalist and aesthetic timber cabin design located in Northwest Montana.

This dream cottage is situated above a steep cliff, called the Matterhorn by locals and towers over a beautiful wilderness landscape. It was designed to quietly and fully enjoy the panoramic lake views and the surrounding wildlife habitat. The occupants can literally become part of the surrounding untouched nature and 200-foot tall pine tree forests.

During the construction minimal disturbance was an important factor. Amenities are very basic but just perfect for a temporary shelter and retreat. The bedroom and kitchen are small, the bathroom with shower opens to the trees. You can forget about luxury – there is no heating or cooling and the water is pumped from the lake. However, some limited source of electricity is available to power your needs. The minimalist furnishings keep the entire space transparent and balanced. Views to the outdoors can unfold through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Looking at these amazing images you will definitely hear the call of nature.