diy wood pallet american flag tutorial
I wanted to do something fun with a wood pallet since I get them free so I decided to do a DIY wood pallet American flag project! It was pretty easy for the most part, but I had my husband do the cutting/ nailing part haha. I’m still not sure if I want to hang it up or not because it looks good just leaning against the wall outside! I hope you enjoy this picture tutorial on how to make one yourself.
materials needed for wood pallet flag
Materials not shown: white spray paint, paper plate, screws, and a tarp for spray painting.
The spray paint brand is Rust-oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2x in colors Midnight blue and Colonial red.
wood pallet for flag
I got this wood pallet at my local garden nursery for free. It’s not like other pallets because they had big gaps between boards. This created a challenge to make an American flag!
cutting the two pieces of wood pallets for the flag

We cut the board with a saw so we had four boards included which created the perfect flag shape.
popping off boards for the pallet flag
My husband then popped off the extra three boards and nailed them in between the spaces of the flag. We then sanded it so it was smooth.
taping the wood pallet to make an american flag
I then taped off the lines of the flag using blue painters tape (don’t use duct tape!)
painting the flag red and blue of the wood pallet

The fun part! I sprayed the red stripes and the navy blue part. Make sure you cover each side before you spray (I used paper towels)
peeling tape off the american flag wood pallet
Here was the dilemma when I peeled off the tape…there was a gap between the stripes! So I re-taped the spot and sprayed again. Much better!
cutting out a star sponge
I didn’t have a star sponge but did NOT want to go buy one so I grabbed my dollar sponge I had under the sink. I printed off some star templates from the computer program Paint and cut one out. I then traced it onto the sponge and cut it out using that x-acto knife thingy (don’t use scissors, it’s much harder!)
spray paint with the star sponge to make american flag stars

Time to paint the stars! I used white spray paint and filled a little plate with it. Then I dipped the sponge into it and pressed it onto the board. My stars are totally off but I don’t care :)
diy wood pallet american flag decoration project
Taa-daa! There you have a DIY wood pallet American Flag that you can hang, set outside, or keep it for a 4th of July decoration. I really love it!
american flag wood pallet diy outdoor decoration
Here’s my patio…it would look great if we hung it between the chairs though!

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