You can do any bigger to smaller furniture projects with pallets just to get your most needed items of furniture! Furniture is always to get first for better performance of the home or room interior and even an absence of single furniture pieces can affect overall performance of any of your living area! As coffee table to living room, a dining table to dining room, a night stand is a confirmed need for a bedroom to store and keep the night support material just in arm-reach!


Approach heavy duty wooden nightstands now through free medium of pallets which always beg to be recycled! Tryout this little DIY pallet nightstand, beautifully made and comes with a door! Inside is highly friendly to storage as it contains 2 storage compartments to store a variety of your night conveniences! Construction is super quick and simple and all you need to do is to fabricate a little box using pallet slats and then just add privacy to it by installing the front door!

pallet nightstand
Checkout a little rustic sample here of pallet-made crate, secured with a front door to get a functional shape of a nightstand! Table provides inside hidden storage options to store your night story books, mobiles. medicines and also the personal items of interest!
mini pallet table
Whole credit again goes to pallet wood slats that have been packed tightly to confirm this stable design of miniature pallet table! Avail multipurpose nature of this design and also use it as a side table in your living room or for any individual sitting plan!
handcrafted wooden pallet nightstand
A set of pallet planks which are having the same length and thickness, has been used to build the front door of this miniature pallet table, using hinges the installation of door has been done and a wooden round knob has been fixed over the right top corner to pull the door out while willing to access the inside storage options!
no-cost pallet nightstand

Only sand the wood for a glam rustic appeal, stain it for a changed and elegant wood tone with more stability, use paint to create a modern enchanting display of this miniature pallet-craft!

Made by Z-eco meble z palet