Best wooden toys for toddlers


The 9 Best Wooden Toys for Toddlers


Buying toys in our house for children has always been a problem. The older your children get them more toys they seem to accumulate.

I guess that’s nice for the children but not really for the parents because at some point you have to say enough is enough because there is just way too much clutter.

The more clued up regarding toys I became the more I begin to understand the type of toys that I should be buying for my children.

When you purchase toys, especially for toddlers they need to be toys that have longevity. Toys that can be played with time and time again and have a specific purpose.

We have purchased toys in the past that have never seen the light of day again after about 2 weeks worth of play. 


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I’ve hand picked some great wooden toys for toddlers that your child will absolutely love! Your child will be able to play with these over and over again.

They even make great gift ideas if you have nieces or nephews and you are unsure about which gift to get them.

Let’s get to it!


#1 Melissa and Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set


If you’re not familiar with Melissa and Doug products then you really should get to know about them.

Melissa and Doug produce toys that are imagination based. They are made in ways that your child can pretend play.

Melissa and Doug believe that playing should spark imagination and open ended thinking.

These wooden blocks do just that.

The blocks can be made into anything that you want, leading to hours of play time using just your toddlers’ imagination.

These blocks come as a set of 100 pieces in various shapes and sizes which is great because it means that you can build almost anything.

If like me you have more than one toddler you can purchase more than one set so that your child/ children can build something even bigger!

The possibilities are endless with blocks like these.

Best of all these blocks can be played with at almost any age so the chances of your child growing out of it in 6 months time are minimal.

These blocks are great for both self-play and group playing also.


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#2 Mini Band Wood Percussion Instrument


This is a toy I plan on getting for my youngest. He’s 1.5 and for his 2nd birthday, I plan on getting him this toy.

He’s extremely into music right now and is always on the look out for new sounds.

What I absolutely love and this and why it makes a perfect gift is that there is no need for batteries.

I hate toys that need batteries because at some point the batteries will run out when I am unprepared and there will be tears.

I can leave my son to play with this and I don’t have to worry about him pouring his bottle of water all over it when I’m not looking therefore destroying it in a matter of seconds.

This percussion instrument includes a xylophone, a drum, a cymbal, a guiro, a clapper, and drumsticks.

This toy can teach your toddler some great coordination skills.



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Great wooden toys for both boys and girls. These activities are perfect for learning and developing your kids fine motor skills and they are educational.


#3 Melissa and Doug Food Groups


This is a great toy and reasonably priced too. When my daughter was younger she had something very similar to this but it was plastic.

Personally, I would prefer wood as you won’t get the toxic effect that some plastic toys can have especially if you have a child who likes to put things in their mouth.

This was bought for my daughter as a gift when she was 3 years old, she’s 8 now and still occasionally plays with it.

You can use this set to teach your child about the different food groups and encourage them to make good food choices when it comes to eating.


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#4 Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube


This toy works particularly well for kids because it has such lovely bright colors and so many different things you can do.

It’s also a very good educational toy as you can get your child to start recognizing their alphabet letters.

This toy is recommended from age 1 upwards which is great because it can get your toddler to work on those fine motor skills whilst enjoying playtime.


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#5 Train Toys Magnetic Set


I love this train set! It’s a real must in any household because it allows your child’s imagination to run free.

There are so many hours of playtime right here.

What I love about this train set is that it is so colorful to the eye so it draws you in.

By far my favorite feature about this is that it can pack up neatly back into its box.

If like me you have a limited space to keep toys stored then this makes perfect sense.

The recommended age for this toy is 3 years but I think with a little supervision a younger child could play with it.

These types of toddler toys are priceless as there is just so much your child can learn from it.

The fact that the carriages are magnetic is a whole world of discovery all on its own.

This would make an awesome gift idea for someone if you already have something similar for your own children.


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#6 Shape Sorting Cube


We’ve all seen these sorting cubes before and there is good reason for that. Shape sorters continue to provide your child with necessary life skills.

It helps to enhance your little one’s fine motor skills whilst teaching them all about shape and color.

This kind of toy is simply timeless and is great for toddlers to play with.


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#7 Baby Math Circular Color Wooden Toys


This cute game is perfect for teaching your toddler all about hand eye coordination.

It’s a great little toy which can happily keep your little one entertained for hours.

There is something to be said for toddlers and magnets, they seem to love it so much.


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#8 TOYMYTOY Creative Cartoon Animals Bowling Set


Needless to say, the color and the design of this bowling set is simply eye-catching

The wood is eco-friendly and no toxic meaning little hands and mouths are safe.

This is an awesome gift for learning about hand eye coordination.

The bowling pins are made into animal character shapes setting it apart from others that are currently on the market.

Makes for hours of fun and can be played solo or with other friends and family.


Check the current price here




#9 Wooden Tetris Puzzle


This Tetris puzzle might be a little difficult for some toddlers to begin with but over time they will begin to master how to play this game.

It is great for problem solving and really will get your toddlers brain juices flowing.

This game is recommended for all ages and can even be a great family game.

It includes the board and 40 puzzle pieces.

There are many different ways to play this game but the ultimate goal is to get all the pieces to fit on the board without any spaces.

If your toddler is a little too young for this, you can get them to make different shapes which have to fit inside the board.

There really are no limits on how to play this game as a family.




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All of these wooden toys for toddlers are non-toxic and can easily be wiped clean. If you can get your toys to wipe clean it will make a huge difference to you later on.

There is nothing worse than having toys that are stained and dirty which can’t be washed.

Which is your favorite?


Best wooden toys for toddlers




Great wooden toys for both boys and girls. These activities are perfect for learning and developing your kids fine motor skills.



Great wooden toys for both boys and girls. These activities are perfect for learning and developing your kids fine motor skills.