Ah, the art of glamping.  Combining chic ideas with the outdoors, glamping is a way to have fun and be comfortable.  Not quite camping yet not quite a stay at an all inclusive resort, glamping is the middle ground between getting dirty and getting pampered.

Here are some must-have items and diy glamping ideas and gear that will make your next trip complete!  These also make great gifts for the glamping enthusiast.

1. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

This is an amazing little gadget!  A tiny cylinder that allows you to make espresso shots on the go.  The MiniPresso GR is under 1 pound and is only 7″ long, making it a truly handheld device that can go anywhere with you.  All you will need is a source for hot water and you can be your own barista in the wilderness.

One tip for this device is to NOT tamp down the espresso or you might blow out the pump gasket.  But other than that, this is one perfect little glamping device!

At just $59 at the time of this writing, this is a perfect gift for yourself or your favorite glamping afficianado.  Click here to get yours now!

2. Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket

This exceedingly warm and well made blanket is an essential for chilly nights.  Cozy up to the fire with this blanket and some hot cocoa.

Inspired by the striped blankets that cowboys used to carry on the backs of their saddles, this blanket comes in an array of patterns and colors.  No camping kit is complete without a good blanket.

Click here to get one for your camping gear collection!



3. Dashbon Flicks Portable Boombox Projector

This is one of the absolute coolest gadgets I’ve seen come out in recent years.  The Dashbon Flicks is a small and portable boombox that has a 720p projector, perfect for movies under the stars or music video raves in the desert.  Tie up a sheet between some trees, or get the freestanding Dasbon Pop Up Screen that offers an 80″ reflective surface.

The unit functions for four hours on a single charge for movie playback, and up to 28 (!) hours as a music boombox.  Don’t wait, get yours now!

4. Dream House Heavy Duty Safari Tent

If you’re glamping don’t settle for a cheap nylon tent that you have to crawl in and out of.  Pamper yourself with the Dream House Heavy Duty Safari tent, made specifically for those who have glamping in mind.

While this tent is heavy (not for backpacking!) it’s easier than it looks to set up.  Made with heavy duty waterproof canvas, you’ll stay high and dry if it starts to rain.

Dress it up with some lanterns for a dreamy home away from home.  This tent comes in several sizes, and is tall enough that you don’t have to hunch over when you step inside.

5. Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove

This is truly an amazing camping gadget.  The Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove is a full service stove, battery charger, kettle, and light.  The device captures heat from the internal fire and converts it to electricity to power and charge your gadgets and the included LED light.

Set up the stove to grill anything you can think of, and add wood to the small furnace to keep the fire going.  The entire setup weighs less than 2 pounds.

This amazing gadget is perfect for nights out under the stars, and for those who want a simple cooking solution that doesn’t weigh a lot.


6: Feuerhand Oil Hurricane Lantern

Add some authentic rustic charm to your glamping adventure with this authentic Feuerhand German-made hurricane lantern.  With an adjustable wick and lifetime warranty, this heirloom quality lantern casts enough light for a dinner under the stars or a late night trail mission.

Available in several colors, these lanterns are made of galvanized steel and have special heat resistant SUPRAX glass globes that will not break or shatter even if hit with cold water or snow.  Feuerhand Lanterns are made to withstand even the toughest elements.

7: Intex Cafe Club Inflatable Chairs

When you’re glamping you usually have minimal car space for items.  Buy why skimp on luxury when you can have these amazing Intex Cafe Club inflatable chairs?  Simply inflate and decorate with a few throw pillows for the ultimate in glamping style and comfort.  This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

These chairs are super cute and come in three different colors.  To make your life easier grab a handheld pump to inflate these quickly and easily.


8: Camco Little Red Fire Pit

This is one of the cutest glamping inventions I’ve seen.  When you’re glamping you might not want to deal with firewood and tending to a fire, but you still want the coziness and warmth of a camp fire.  Enter Camco’s Little Red Fire Pit.  This portable propane fire pit is a perfect way to get your campfire fix without the mess.

Another bonus for this little fire pit is that it’s approved for campground with fire restrictions.  This is especially useful in dry and forest areas where campfires might be banned.  The Little Red Campfire also has a big brother, the Big Red Campfire, which is slightly larger in size.

9: TomCare Solar Torches

Another solution for glamping atmosphere without any messy cleanup or set up!  These amazingly good-looking TomCare Solar Torches are quite authentic looking.  Solar charged and totally waterproof, you can set these up around your campsite for light and ambiance.

Each torch lasts up to 10 hours on a full charge of sunlight, so you never have to deal with batteries or messy torch fluid.  Just ensure they’re charged and you’re ready to go!  These are also amazing for around the house.

10. Cedar Roll-Up Walkway

Pave a path to your tent with this Cedar Roll Up Walkway.  Simply unroll it and save yourself from dragging dirt and sand into your tent.  It is also a perfect decorative touch to your glamping setup.

These cedar walkways are very weather resistant, and roll up for easy transport.  Get a few and create a deck for a table and chairs.  This is another item that doubles as a cool household addition.